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  Audio equipments handcrafted to order following customers specifications

Available in the following versions:
Pure Low

(57 or 63dB with outboard PSU)

Pure High

(43dB with outboard PSU)​


Statement phono-8

(Dual Gain 43dB / 63dB Specialy tunned low noise Shunts and outboard PSU)

Reference phono-9

(Triple Gain 50dB / 63dB / 70dB) True double mono with dedicated high definition shunts)


Riaa curve following Lipschitz formulae

THD : 0.02% mainly 2nd at nominal output

Gain : Pure  (43dB, 57dB or 63dB depending on configuration)

Gain : nervine statement phono 8 (43dB and 63dB)

Gain : nervine reference phono 9 (50dB, 63dB and 70dB)

Channel difference double mono:

exceeds by far any cartridge spec

MC Input impedance : variable continuously up to 10k ohm

MM Input impedance : 47k ohm 150pF (other values available on request)

Output impedance : 50 ohm

All our products can be customized according to our customer requests and we offer the possibility of optimisation of gain and workload according to the the remaining equipment.


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