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nervine mono P300 power amplifier specs:
Class A into 8ohm until 13.5Wpk
Vin 0.32Vpk / Vout 10.4Vpk 
THD: <0.0001%

1/3 Power output 127Wpk 8ohm
Vin 0.98Vpk / Vout 32Vpk
THD: <0.0001%

Max power output 382Wpk 8ohm
Vin 1.7Vpk / Vout 55Vpk
THD: <0.004%

Max power output 720Wpk 4ohm
Vin 1.65Vpk / Vout 54Vpk
THD: <0.02%

Damping factor at 8ohm:
7958 @ 10Hz
5820 @ 100Hz
844 @ 1kHz
84 @ 10kHz
43 @ 20kHz

Output impedance:
0.0010 ohm @ 10Hz
0.0014 ohm @ 100Hz
0.0095 ohm @ 1kHz
0.0952 ohm @ 10kHz
0.1860 ohm @ 20kHz

Gain: 31dB @ 1kHz


-0.7dB @ 1Hz

-3dB @ 230kHz

General design considerations:
Cascoded jFet IPS mirror loaded and fed by stiff CCS
Buffered VAS
Dedicated VAS CCS.
TMC Miller compensation
Resistive voltage spreader (more linear than typical Vbe multiplier)
Floating emitter resistor on the emitter follower driver stage. (The shared driver emitter resistor without output rail connection allows the drivers to reverse bias the base emitter junction of the output devices being turned off).

Lateral Mosfet Output devices.

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