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About Us

After several years investigation in the Class A amplification using jfet implementations we developed a High Definition Phono Pre-Amplifier that benefits from low noise and low distortion possible with those components.

Tech talk

Basically an amplifier modulates the output of the power supply with the incoming signal so the PSU must be clean and fast, specially with ultra-low-level signals from MC cartridges.
We needed a very silent power supply without the issues related with batteries so we searched for the latest shunt technologies that provide very low noise power with very low output impedance, increasing detail and attack.


In our top of the line builds, to provide maximum headroom the shunts are powered by 120VA R-Core transformer(s) followed by low noise ultra fast soft recovery HEXFRED rectifiers and special 4 pole EL smoothing capacitors.

Even basic builds benefit from double mono configuration and high VA Toroidal transformers.



Principal characteristics:

- Hand built - Double mono implementation.
- Class A amplification with Zero Global Negative Feed Back.
- Passive Riaa equalization built with high Q components.
- Non inverting two stage discrete amplification.
- Internally shielded R-Core, 120VA Transformer(s).
- 15.000uF 4 pole EL filtering capacitors for each channel.
- High Current Shunt regulators.

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